Versailles Palace and Town

DSC04718Versailles is my single favorite place in the world.  I like the grounds of the palace best.  You can wander for hours though the grounds and not see the same thing twice.  The palace is also lovely.  Versailles is a must see place in France.  It is the best of the best when it comes to Chateau’s.

To get there, take the RER C, Vick or Cime from any RER station in Paris.  It arrives at Rive Gauche in Versailles.  The walk to the palace is about 2 blocks.

Touring the Palace      When you tour the palace, buy the ticket to Tour The Private Appartments.  You get a toofer.  When you are done with the private appartment tour, you are dropped off in the center of the palace inside at the Hall of Mirrors.  You can then tour the rest of the palace free.

The French Mini Series, The Count of Monte Cristo, was largely filmed at Versailles.  The French version is the only one worth seeing in my opinion.  Get it with the English subtitles.

DSC04712 DSC04714 versailleshall DSC04707
Versailles Hall of Mirrors Shot inside Palace Hallway in Palace View out of Palace Window
DSC04651 versailles gardens22 versaillesview versaillesgardens1
Palace from Grounds Gounds Toward Rear of Palace Versailles Fountain Garden at Versailles
DSC04665 DSC04664 Trianon1 Petite Trianon
Trees in Gardens Nice Walk in Gardens Trianon on Grounds Petit Trianon
emerge emerge1 DSC04722 DSC04720
In Gardens of Versailles Close up of Statue Versailles Town of Versailles Street Street in Town of Versailles