Saint Remy De Provence

Europe 2008 San Remy1Market Day in Saint Remy

Saint Remy is an interesting town, not for the scenery, but for the shopping and markets.  Saint Remy’s farmers market is hugh and covers several blocks.  Market day is Wednesday.  On market day, you can also catch the jazz band Gig Street.  They are out of Cavillon, and also play some of the local clubs.  A few miles out of town is located the Saint Paul Asylum where Van Gogh committed himself in 1889.  While at the asylum, he painted Starry Night and a few other famous paintings while he was able to paint.  Right next to the asylum is the ancient roman ruins the Glanum.  Below are some pictures of the market, asylum where Van Gogh lived, and Chateau de Roussan located just outside of town.

Europe 2008 San Remy 12 Europe 2008 San Remy stremy12B Europe 2008 San Remy5
Main Drag Market Day Nostradamus Fountain Le Cochon
Europe 2008 San Remy4 Europe 2008 San Remy11 Europe 2008 306 Van Gogh1 Europe 2008 305 Van Gogh
More Market Market Day Jazz Band – Gig Street Van Gogh’s Room at St. Pauls Asylum Grounds at Asylum
Europe 2008 314 Van Gogh8 glanum chateau rousion1 chateau rousion
The Glanum Another Shot of Glanum Chateau Roussan Chateau Rousan Grounds

Link to Gig Street:  They play every Wednesday at the market.