DSC04558provinsProvins is about one hour South East of Paris.  The town is cool and the country is beautiful.  The main attractions are the Tour Ceasar (the Keep) and the Saint Quiriace Collegiate Church.  The keep is where they kept the city’s wealth during ancient times.  Provins is very old, built in about 200 AD.  The church was built in 1200 AD.  When we were there, there was a kid playing on the hill just below the Keep.  He was defending the keep against all us tourists.  It was pretty funny.  It is worth the drive from Paris.  The countryside is real nice as well.  After visiting the Keep and the church, have a Pastis at a local bar just in town.

DSC04571 DSC04567 DSC04566 DSC04568provins
A Shot from Town Inside the Keep Bell in Keep View of Town from Keep
DSC04569provins DSC04561provins DSC04572 DSC04574
View of Countryside View of Church in Provins Shot of church on way into town A section of the Remparts