gordes5The Luberon is le cœur of Provence.  The best of Provence is in the Luberon.  The hilltop towns such as Gordes, Rousillon and Bonneaux are très fabuleux.  Each of these are great to walk around, sit and enjoy une Pastis, and take in the true French atmosphere.

Above is a picture of Gordes taken on the way up to town.  Since this picture, they have cut down the trees.  Below are more pictures taken in Gordes, and also some taken at l’Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque.  The Abbaye is located outside of Gordes.

DSC_0599 gordes1 gordes8 gordes10
Gordes with Trees Gordes from Road to Roussillon Market Day in Gordes Gordes Street View
gordes6 gordes11 gordes13 gordes14
Gordes Today View off Square Gordes Street Valley View From Gordes
DSC_0593 Europe 2008 Sen Anque251 Europe 2008 Sen Anque249 Europe 2008 Sen Anque248
Sénanque Sénanque Sans Lavender Sénanque Front Sénanque From Road Above
Europe 2008 Sen Anque246 Europe 2008 Sen Anque253 Europe 2008 Sen Anque255 Europe 2008 Sen Anque252
Sen Anque Fields Front of Sénanque Inside Sénanque Inside Sénanque