Europe 2008 Carcassone6Carcassonne is a city in the Languedoc that is completely enclosed in ancient remparts.  The city is truly a fortress, and was thought to be impenetrable.  The English laid seige to it several times during the 100 years war, but never got in.  The movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail has a couple of scenes that are related to Carcassonne.  The scene where the French throw pigs, sheep and goats over the wall at King Arthur comes from an old legend of Carcassone.  One legend from Carcassonne history is the attempted siege by Charlemagne in the 9th century. According to the story, a Madame Carcas cunning fed the last of the city’s wheat to a pig in full view of the invading army. Believing that the besieged townspeople had an inexhaustible supply of food, Charlemagne retreated from the walls and the town was renamed in honor of the ingenious lady.  But, you don’t have to Run Away, Run Away.  Spend a full day in the city and have dinner.

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From Bridge On way to Old City Remparts On the Way In
Europe 2008 Carcassone8 Europe 2008 Carcassone9 Europe 2008 Carcassone10 Europe 2008 Carcassone11
Remparts and Guard Towers Inside View from Guard Tower Another View from Tower
Europe 2008 Carcassone13 Europe 2008 Carcassone17 Europe 2008 Carcassone16 Europe 2008 Carcassone21
Not Bored I hope View through Window Guard Tower Baptismal Font in Chapel
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Carcassonne Rempart Dead People Live Here Carcassonne From Guard Tower View Carcassonne From Below