DSC04550This is the Chateau from the Gardens Side.  Better view than from the street.  Fontainebleau is located about one hour out of Paris.  Well worth the visit.  We drove there from Melun.  Interesting history of the family who ruled here.  All of the young princes and princesses died early, while one old matriarch lived until her late 80′s.  Rumor was that she poisoned them all to keep her power.

DSC04503 DSC04524 DSC04528 DSC04523
Fontainebleau Front Inside Fontainebleau More inside Shots Sitting Room
DSC04515 DSC04538 DSC04539 DSC04551
Lake in Gardens Close up of Gazebo From rear of Chateau Part of Gardens
DSC04556 DSC04547 DSC04541 DSC04555
Just like Versailles More Water Views More of Grounds Canals at Fontainebleau
DSC04546 DSC04540 DSC04554 DSC04552
From Gardens Chateau In Gardens Nice Flowers